Children learning under tree shade


Children learning under the tree shade and often have to travel over 20 miles to get where they call school 'learning under tree shade'.

Primary six children in science lesson


Children face hardships learning under trees risking heavy rains which wash away their books and disrupt lessons.

Children in english lesson


Children learning under the trees with no chairs are at risk being bitten by snakes and scorpions. We are working hard to save children and create a condusive learning environment.

Building New Classrooms


Children face hardships of having to commute long distances to a meeting point to learn under the trees and often hungry too. Their books are washed away by heavy rain with no where to hide.

To address this problem we are helping building classrooms at Kyomba PS in rural Uganda Singo Zone. The aim of this initiative is to provide access to education and better learning environment for children.

A classroom block can provide a learning space for 600 children daily.

New Classroom block


A Two Classroom block is multi-purpose; children use it for day and night learning and for adult learning during weekends. In addition, it’s accessible at certain times by local communities for educational and other events.

We mobilised local communities including parents who directly contributed either by providing labour or bricks and stones for classroom construction.

New Renovated Classrooms


We have renovated three classrooms, providing a safer learning environment for children and ultimately improving grades and wellbeing.

Classrooms Under construction

Support us complete building classrooms

Thousands of children still need help to access education. Together with the community we are working hard to construct more classrooms.

We are half-way there, only constrained with lack of funding. We are racing against time before rainy season starts to save children from learning in wet conditions. 

What we are left with:

1. Putting on a roof

2. Installing windows, ventilations and doors,

3. Classroom flooring 

4. Classroom desks for children and teachers.

5. Install solar panels for electricity.

6. Water tank for rain water harvest

7. Landscaping

Support us complete building classrooms

Women and Youth Economic Empowerment


We support women and young people to start economic projects to fight poverty and improve their wellbeing.

We support women in Hoima district with small capital. This project has been a success, all 300 women have repaid their loans and the money has been recycled to support other women in the community.

help women to live a dignified life

Women Economic Empowerment

Support to empower women today

With small capital to buy seeds, women have been able to farm their own food and feed their families. More than 650 women in Kyankwanzi Uganda have benefited from this project.

This project has been a success, women are able to sell surplus food in the markets to earn income. That means they can now afford to pay for school fees and medical bills for their children

Women and Youth Economic Empowerment


We support young people in their communities to start goat/cow rearing as a means to get out of poverty. More than 800 youth working with their mothers, have benefited from small capital at nil interest.

This project is working magic, so far all our loans have been repaid and recycled to benefit other families in the communities.  

support to empower mothers and youth